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 Me and Theo Roosevelt (with Churchill in the background)

Me and Theo Roosevelt (with Churchill in the background)

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WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: So my latest book WRITE WAY HOME: Writing My Way Back to a Meaningful Life (Brio Books) has been out for a few months and I’ve been getting some lovely comments from some lovely readers! Janet Paterson from Western Australia says about the book, ‘I devoured it on the plane coming home from NSW. Many times I felt I was reading about myself. When I got off the plane my husband picked me up from the airport and I told him all about the book - from your 'marriage' with sleep to your obsession with the next shiny idea through to your desire to 'go home' - I resonate with all these states intensely. Thanks for the inspiration. I look forward to reading more of your books.’ Janet has now embarked on her own creative challenge. Go Janet! And you can to. Just grab yourself a copy HERE

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RE-RELEASE OF AN OLD FAVOURITE:  One of my first books FINDING PARIS which was released alongside Write Way Home is still going strong. Finding Paris is a story about a relationship breakdown and a subsequent trip to Paris in search of love. And well, you can pretty much guess how that turned out. Let's just say it makes for a good, sometimes heartbreaking but ultimately entertaining story. And yes, it's alllll true! 

Grab yourself a copy by clicking HERE

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A VERY SPECIAL INVITATION: And then to top it off I'm very excited to announced that I've been invited to be a speaker at the Melbourne Writers Festival, Wednesday 29th August to Sunday 2nd September 2018 so make sure you grab your tickets and come and say hi! 

Let's be lifelong friends. Not in a creepy way. Just friends.

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So I've written a few books. You can check them out here including the newly released WRITE WAY HOME: Writing My Way Back To A Meaningful Life and the re-released, FINDING PARIS. Both have been published by Brio Books. And yes, I know what you're thinking...Of course you can purchase a copy (or several).  Just click the black box beneath this sentence with the word 'Book' inside. It's THAT easy.

Writing helps me navigate this crazy, beautiful world we live in as well as my place within it which is why I keep a blog. I tend to write about issues that affect me directly but which are universal and experienced by most people. So join me and let's figure this crazy, beautiful thing called life out together. 

As you've probably figured out by now I like to play with words and unite them in sentences, which are hopefully  grammatically correct but which are more often not (like this one). Here are my answers to some Infrequently Asked Questions about how I write and what to do if you're thinking of writing a book: 

Public speaking used to terrify me. This fear sparked a long-term fascination with public speaking which resulted in a public speaking coaching business and two books on the topic. By helping others overcome their fear of public speaking, I was able to overcome my own. Now I'm only mildly scared. You can find out more about Creative Keynote (the book and coaching program) here:   

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I coach others on the topics I write about because, having lived and breathed these lessons and experiences myself, both experientially and on the page, I'm able to facilitate others through their own adventures and experiences in these areas. My speciality areas include public speaking and creative expression. Find out more here: 

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