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Hi, I'm Hedley. I'm a writer, author, traveller and frequent daydreamer. Thanks for dropping by and feel free to check out my offerings including books, events and writing retreats.

My new book Meet Me in Milan, has just been released - woo hoo! - thanks to talented team at Brio Books. If you’d like to grab yourself a copy, just click here

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Me and Theo Roosevelt (with Churchy in the background)

Me and Theo Roosevelt (with Churchy in the background)

“Because life is a story worth telling.”

- Hedley Derenzie

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Whether you have an idea for a book or you just want to get into the habit of writing every day, I’ve created Write Way Home’s Daily Writing Guide - A Practical Workbook to help get you started. The workbook is based on my book Write Way Home: Writing My Way Back to a Meaningful Life and contains:

  • a writer’s contract to ensure you commit to your daily creative practice

  • the daily commitments that helped me to write Write Way Home

  • Morning and Evening Intentions

  • 31 Daily Insights to help keep you motivated

  • A daily word count target

  • A daily Gratitude List

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It’s that time again… my brand new book MEET ME IN MILAN is due for release August 1st by Brio Books (who create the most beautiful books - check out what an amazing job they have done AGAIN!). If you love a good travel romance story and you’re not averse to the story being set in Italy and involving a lot of incredible food and wine against a backdrop of some of the most beautiful vistas on earth, then this might be a story you’ll enjoy.

And while it’s a follow up to my earlier book Finding Paris, it’s been written as a stand-alone book and is perfect for long plane trips or reading around a hotel pool!

Pre Order your copy NOW and get a generous discount!

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After a failed suicide attempt, author Hedley Derenzie decided rather than escaping life she would write her way through it, every day for the next 31 days. What started out as a simple yet challenging exercise soon turns into a life-changing adventure.

Janet Paterson from Western Australia says about the book, ‘I devoured it on the plane coming home from NSW. Many times I felt I was reading about myself. When I got off the plane my husband picked me up from the airport and I told him all about the book - from your 'marriage' with sleep to your obsession with the next shiny idea through to your desire to 'go home' - I resonate with all these states intensely. Thanks for the inspiration. I look forward to reading more of your books.’

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Finding Paris is in its third reprint. It’s the story about a relationship breakdown and a subsequent trip to Paris in search of love that doesn’t quite turn out as planned. Let's just say it makes for a good, sometimes heartbreaking but ultimately entertaining story. And yes, it's all true! 

‘Hedley Derenzie writes with startling resonance about the rocky road to self-discovery after it dawns on her that she alone is the common denominator in her heartbreaks. A love story told with raw emotion, heart and great optimism.’ —Jacinta Tynan, journalist and author of Mother Zen.

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SOME GIRLS DO… (My Life as a Teenager) - Edited by Jacinta Tynan

You’ve read their bestselling novels and memoirs. Now some of Australia’s favourite female writers recount the true stories of their teenage years in this bumper collection.

Remember your high school formal, your first love, first kiss, first bra, and the first time you realised your parents weren’t always right? Relive the joys (and the horrors) of your adolescence with Some Girls Do, as a selection of our most inspiring and accomplished writers reveal how they survived those challenging years.

Featuring Nikki Gemmell, Wendy Harmer, Di Morrissey, Tara Moss, Debra Oswald, Lisa Wilkinson, Sarah Wilson, Tracey Spicer, Tara Moss, Liane Moriarty and yours truly (as well as many more!).

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Let's be lifelong friends. Not in a creepy way. Just friends.

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Writing My Way Home

“Because a lived life is a story worth telling.”

My blog is my writing happy place where I get to write about everything and anything that tickles my fancy. Mostly I draw inspiration from my own life but I also share insights about writing as well as the latest books I’m reading. So if you’re a writer who loves to read, or you’re just a reader then I’m sure you’ll find something here to tickle your fancy too. Just click the link here!

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For all you writers and aspiring writers, this is where I share some of my own experiences about writing and publishing as well as some free resources to help you along your writing way. Although if wanting to know how to start writing that next bestseller, I can tell you this now: stop scrolling and start writing. For other brilliant nuggets of wisdom, just click here.

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“Because life is a story worth telling.”