How I got my dream writing gig...

After returning to Sydney in 2001, after living in Los Angeles for two years, I embarked on a career as a freelance writer. I started by writing a few articles and sending them to the magazines I thought would be interested in publishing them (and paying me for it). Some were accepted, other were not. I kept writing regardless.

In 2006, I wrote an article titled, 'The Other F Word: How failure can be the key to your success'. I submitted the article to the editor at Nature & Health, one of Australia's leading health and wellbeing magazines. The editor called me back a few days later to say that, while the article wasn't right for the magazine's readership, there was opportunity that had become available as a regular columnist. The column was called ‘Be Inspired’ and I would be required to write 600 words on any inspirational topic I liked on a bi-monthly basis. And I would be paid for my efforts. She asked if I was interested. You can probably already guess what I said. 

It was the dream writing job as not only was a writing and being published and paid for it, I was also given the opportunity to interview many of the authors and spiritual teachers I had long admired including Anita Moorjani, Stephanie Dowric, Brandon Bays and many others. 

The following is a collection of some of my columns, articles and interviews from that time writing for Nature & Health. I've also included the original article, 'The Other F Word: How Failure can be the Key to Your Success' because sometimes failure really is the key to your success.

Hedley x