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Four years after her disastrous quest for romance in Paris (as told in her book Finding Paris), Hedley Derenzie is ready to break out of the comfort zone of singled and give love another go. She decides to seek professional help in the form of a psychologist, but after a few sessions on the couch, Hedley has an epiphany - perhaps she should go to Italy - the land of love - instead.

Within minutes of landing in Milan, she meets a man who captures her attention and invites her too dinner. A romance blossoms and soon she’s jetting around the country dining at fabulous restaurants and living the life of Riley (that’s if Riley were a woman in her late thirties look for love). So what if this man is older (as in, much older) and reminds her of her late father. Hedley can’t help but wonder… could he (finally) be the one?

Meet Me In Milan is a funny, honest and light-hearted memoir about one woman’s ongoing quest for love - this time in the land of la dolce vita.


'What a great book and what an achievement. Write Way Home is funny and at times heartbreaking but always optimistic. Above all, it's inspirational.'  Bob Selden, Bestselling Author

Following a suicide attempt which left her in intensive care, author Hedley Derenzie decided that rather than escape life, she would write her way through it. Over the course of thirty-one days, Hedley embarked on what she describes as a ‘creative pilgrimage’, where instead of walking, she would write her way back to the person she knew she was and wanted to be.

What begins as a simple yet challenging exercise quickly turns into an unexpected adventure and exploration into herself and the creative process. Along the way, Hedley meets a number of fascinating characters, does battle with inner demons and experiences a series of synchronistic and mystical events, each offering secrets and insights into what it means to live a truly fulfilling life.

Write Way Home is a personal and inspirational story about overcoming what is often our greatest obstacle: ourselves. Hedley’s story shows us that by reconnecting with our creative urgings we can overcome darkness and rediscover a sense of meaning, fulfilment and even joy, all ingredients of a rich, purposeful and long-lasting life.                                                            

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'A thoroughly honest, heartbreaking and uplifting love story.' Jacinta Tynan, Journalist and Bestselling Author

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When you've looked for love in all the wrong places...

Reeling from another romantic failure, Hedley Derenzie, booked a trip to Paris, la Citè d'Amour, in the hope of finding true love. Or at the very least a gorgeous Frenchman with whom she could have a wild summer fling and wash away the all-too-familiar heartbreak. 

Instead, Hedley found herself on the other side of the world with no luggage, a string of failed relationships behind her and the shocking realisation that they all had one thing in common - her.

Join Hedley on her personal and often hilarious quest to unravel the truth about sex and love - in the one place you should never go following a breakup.


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CREATIVE KEYNOTE: 7 Keys to Public Speaking Artistry for Creative Professionals

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Great art speaks for itself. Unfortunately not every great artist speaks in public as well as their art. Whether you've published a book, you're about to launch an art exhibition, you've just won an industry award or you're seeking funding for your latest business venture, there comes a time when every artist must address their audience, not as the artist but as a professional public speaker. 

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SOME GIRLS DO (MY LIFE AS A TEENAGER) - Edited by Jacinta Tynan

You’ve read their bestselling novels and memoirs. Now Australia’s favourite female writers recount the true stories of their teenage years in this bumper collection.


Remember your high school formal, your first love, first kiss, first bra, and the first time you realised your parents weren’t always right? Relive the joys (and the horror) of your adolescence with Some Girls Do, as our most inspiring and accomplished writers reveal how they survived those challenging years.

Whether it’s adolescent angst, first crushes, being a rock groupie, battles with anorexia, or deciding to become a nun, these women prove that while the teenage years are not necessarily the best, you can survive to tell the tale.

The result is a wonderfully funny, moving collection of memories, of different times and different lives, told with honesty, insight, sensitivity and humour. No two experiences are the same, because while some girls don’t have a care in the world, some girls do!

Featuring Amal Awad; Nikki Gemmell; Wendy Harmer; Sofie Laguna; Kathy Lette; Liane Moriarty; Di Morrissey; Tara Moss; Debra Oswald; Lisa Wilkinson; Sarah Wilson, and many, many more (including yours truly).

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