Every now and then we will wake up in the morning and just know. We know that this day is going to be different. Something inside of us tells us so. This day is going to be a good day. Not just a good day. A great day. We can feel it. Like a tingle in the pit of our stomach. We cannot explain it. Nor truly understand it. It’s simply a feeling. An instinct. A knowing that somehow everything will just naturally fall into place. And sure enough, just as we predicted, it does.

As though some greater force is on our side, we move through the day with effortless ease. An unexpected cheque arrives in the mail. An old friend we’ve been thinking about calls to say ‘hello’. A passing stranger smiles. A long awaited sale comes through. Red traffic lights turn to green. Everyone we come into contact with just seems to be in a good mood. Happily we wonder what on earth is going on while at the same time not wanting to ‘jinx’ whatever phenomenon is occurring.

Athletes and musicians refer to this experience as being ‘in the zone’. Some call it being ‘in flow’. Others use the term ‘no mind’. Regardless, it’s a state of being that is better experienced than it is understood. Some experience it more often than others. A rare few have actually learned the art of maintaining this state of being for lengthy periods of time. For when we are ‘in flow’, we are moving in time with the Universal beat. We are in synchronicity with life itself. The natural rhythms of nature. There is no need to ‘think things through’ because we can feel it. We know. We don’t know how we know. We just surrender to the feeling. And in that state of absolute trust our actions become effortless. Life becomes easy.

Yet these days are often few and far between. More often than not we find ourselves feeling as though we are swimming upstream, resisting the constant and uneasing pressures of our daily lives therefore inviting more in. We maintain a tight grip on our many disguises as we fulfill our multiple roles and responsibilities. Amidst the chaos we grit our teeth and continue to push and force our way through situations and events that could unravel us at any moment. We try to gain control of what is spinning madly out of it. And we keeping on trying until something changes or we simply give up.

If you’ve ever played a musical instrument, you know the moment you fall out of rhythm with the beat of the music the first thing you do is stop playing. You take a moment to breathe. To relax. Recompose yourself. Once you have reconnected with the beat you can then start playing again. Usually with greater spirit. It’s the same with life. Life moves to its own beat. We are constantly falling in and out of tune with it. We know when we fall out of rhythm because life becomes a struggle. That is the moment to stop. Breathe deeply. Recompose ourselves and reconnect with the natural beat of life. Only then can we begin truly living again. Easily and effortlessly.

In flow.