Creativity: The Source of Life

“Follow your bliss.”  Those were the words once spoken by W. Clement Stone. Stone was referring to the creation of life energy through the enjoyment of life itself. When you listen to your heart and do what you love you unleash your creative potential and tap into your true nature. To often people will say, “I’m not creative.” To speak such words is to deny who you really are. We are all creative beings. We just express our creativity in different ways.

You don't have to be a Picasso, Beethoven, Christo or Seidler to be considered creative. Whether you think you are or not, you are a creative being. You are the brilliant result of the ultimate creative process – the act of making love. You are an expression of life and there is no greater creation than life itself. You have been blessed with unlimited creative abilities, not only with your body but also your mind.              

In the way blood enables the body to live, creative energy enables the spirit to soar. Creative expression is doing whatever it is that lifts your soul to the heavens. It is the place where time stands still and you lose yourself in the moment. True creativity is engaging in the process that puts you in a state of bliss or joy. It breathes life into your being.

Often we do not allow ourselves to express our creativity for fear of failure or not being good enough. We are embarrassed about what others might think or how they will judge us. We protect ourselves from rejection by shutting ourselves down to our creative nature. We tell ourselves “I’m just not a creative person” and then go around telling others. We choose words and thoughts that block our creative flow and instead go about our days in robotic fashion.

The fear of our creative pursuits being shunned or rejected by others is what blocks the flow of creative spirit. Writer’s refer to this as ‘writer’s block’. We all experience ‘writer’s block’ in life in some way. When your creative meridians are blocked life can seem like a struggle. To get life moving in the right direction again, you only have to find what you love doing and do it. That creates energy and gets life moving again.

You don’t have to be a writer or a painter to connect with your creative side. Your mind is a one of the most powerful creative tools available to you. Thinking a thought that warms your heart and brings a smile to your face is creativity in motion. We are creating our reality moment to moment with our thoughts as well as the feelings we attach to those thoughts. If the thoughts you are currently thinking are not putting you in a state of joy then simply create new ones.

Mind mapping is great tool to use to tap into your creative thinking potential. Since our brains think in images and associations, mind mapping stimulates our brains to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems by seeing ‘the whole picture’. Tony Buzan’s ‘The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps’ is ideal for learning the art of mind mapping and expanding your imagination. Since our brains are just like any other muscle, the more you practice mind mapping the better you will become at thinking creatively.

If you want to live an inspiring life you only have to create it. Find whatever works for you. There is no right or wrong. It might be baking a cake, spending time with your lover, driving around a race track, weeding the garden or sailing a yatch. You will know you have found your creative outlet when you can feel the process creating more life within you. That is to truly follow your bliss.