Heal Humanity from Acts of Violence and Terrorism - A Meditation Practice for the Collective

Heal Humanity from Acts of Violence and Terrorism - A Meditation Practice for the Collective

After the recent terrorist attacks in NZ, I’ve been asking what can I do to help ensure this doesn’t happen again. It no longer sits comfortably to sit and wait around until this happens. Surely there is something I can do, that we can all do to help heal the hatred that exists in the hearts of some people that cause them to commit these crimes.

For me, it’s no longer okay to wait until after another terrorist happens to make changes. For those in New Zealand, that’s 50 lives lost and 50 families who’s lives will never be the same again. Perhaps because terrorism has now reached our doorstep, the urge to do something has become even more urgent.

But what can we do? What influence do we have? How can we have any impact on the choices of others to commit these crimes?

During a meditation a few days after the attack in New Zealand, I received this visualisation-meditation process. I also received a very clear instruction that I was to share this process publicly because it is only through the collective practice that this will have enough power to influence outcomes and make the necessary changes.

I’m not a meditation or spiritual teacher. But I have always been intuitive. I’ve had psychic abilities ever since I was a little girl. I see things, I hear things and I feel things. I receive visions and messages and occasionally, I will hear a particular voice which will give me very clear instructions about something. The instructions for this process were very clear as was the instruction to share it.

This process is simple, quick and easy to do and when done collectively will have the power required to influence the hearts and minds of anyone who is currently considering committing an act of violence and terrorism around the world.

For one person to inflict such pain and suffering on so many people at once requires a strong intention. To create a world where people are safe to be themselves regardless of the differences we bring to the global table and to live in peace amongst our differences, requires an even stronger intention.

Every person living on this planet right now has the responsibility to create the kind of world they want to live in. If we want to live in a safe, harmonious, peaceful, inclusive, tolerant, loving and kind world then it’s up to us to put that intention into motion.

This meditation process will help to do this. Consider it an offering; an alternative to sitting back and waiting for the next time. There doesn’t have to be a next time. But it’s up to us to ensure there isn’t. There is something we can do and it’s such a simple and easy thing to do. It’s even enjoyable!

Thank you. My hope is that you will give this practice a try and if you like it, share it with your family and friends. And may we all live in a safe, peaceful, harmonious, inclusive, loving and kind world. 

And so it is.

Heal Humanity from Acts of Violence and Terrorism - A Meditation Practice for the Collective.